The tools of imagination are in your hands

Epsilon is the pioneer of the phasing system that allows you to create your own customized world, developed from the first core to introduce player-based phasing

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The End of 'You Are
Unable to Equip That'!

Tired of class/faction/material limitations on items? On Epsilon, the true potential of character customisation has been completely unlocked!

Enjoy a huge selection of custom items to outfit your character with, combined with a catalog of cosmetic spells to add flavour! If that wasn’t enough, even character creation options that are usually locked (such as demon hunter horns for Blood Elves and Night Elves, as well as extra skins for the base races) have been opened to all - and of course, as of our most recent update, the Allied Races are now ready to join the fray!

Create Your World!

From the moment you log into the game world, you’ll be provided with a plethora of powerful commands that are completely at your disposal! Utilise these commands to build in your own version of the world (called phases), rotate objects, spawn NPCs, give them waypoint routines and SO much more! Make your own world within the game, and when you’re done, invite your friends to play in it!

Enjoy Our Custom Content!

Using a streaming system, we send our server-wide custom content directly to your client - there’s no need to download anything! Our dedicated team is committed to providing only quality work.

We have a huge repertoire of custom content including retextures of buildings, custom interfaces and building tools like tiles, and spawnable planes of water!

Community is key!

Use your phase as a vehicle to tell stories! Epsilon is primarily a roleplay server, meaning that people are always looking for new settings to roleplay in!

Players are given their own platform to create with, but the fun continues with sharing that work! Perhaps you want to expand on some existing lore, or tell an entirely new story!

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